The use of Colour as a Therapy is a holistic, entirely non-invasive, and powerful therapy that dates back thousands of years; evidence of this can be found in ancient texts from India, China, Egypt, and Ancient Greece.  It has been known as a powerful treatment for people suffering from depression, stress, and seasonal affective disorder.

Colour Therapy aims to balance and enhance our body’s energy signature by using the colours of the light spectrum, which can help to stimulate our body’s own healing process that enhances a person’s mood, physical health, and mental strength.

Colour Therapy can be used for any problem whether, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or for specific problems as well as an overall relaxation therapy.

Colour is everywhere and should be utilized as a part of our everyday life. Our professional Colour Therapist, SherryAnn Fogah, can explain and advise you on how you can use colour at home for optimal health and well-being.

By booking one of our Colour Therapy Consultation Packages you will discover your own personalized Inner Colour, and know what shade(s) relate to your TRUE inner self and how to apply them to your own physical space to transform how you feel. It is a wonderful experience that you can use for a lifetime!

We have seven main energy centers in our bodies. This is a Sanskrit word that means “disk” and is believed that these disks can become clogged and stop energy from flowing depending on the personal situation. The energy centers are found to surround major nerve bundles and organs – and each of the seven spectra of colours, resonates with a different part of the body. Therefore, it is known that harmony within the energy centers translates to the wellness of the body.

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By booking one of our Colour Therapy Consultation Packages you will experience your very own personalized Inner Colour Quiz to discover what colour relates to your TRUE inner self. EACH CONSULTATION CLIENT RECEIVES THE FOLLOWING :



$250.00 – 1.5 hour Consultation

In this video session, we will review the results of your colour quiz together and also discuss your personal situation, goals, desires and this will then be mirrored into the final colour (or colour combination) that is chosen for you, based on all the information given. You will leave the call knowing what colour(s) to focus on as you move into the next phase of your room or home design.

The Benefits of this Package Include



Starting at $650.00

Includes 1 room of choice + $100 per extra room

3 hours Consultation (GTA)

In this in-person session, we will meet and visit your home to sense the current energy within the space. We will be able to then discuss how we can translate the results of your inner colour and can also discuss other members of your household that would require colour therapy. You will leave the meeting feeling clear on the right colours to use within your home and how they will impact your well being and those you love.

The Benefits of this Package Include



Starting At $950  – includes 2 rooms
+ $150 per extra room
5 Hour Colour Therapy Consultation (GTA)

This Package Includes everything in the CLASSIC COLOUR CONSULTING PACKAGE + THE FOLLOWING:

The Benefits of this Package Include

contractors we love

Over the years of experience, we have come to work with many contractors that we love and would highly recommend for your home. Our contractors complete your desired project in a professional manner that eliminates the potential of wrong colour swatches and the need to repaint. Our goal is to reduce the hassle of having to coordinate this on your own, and we become the one-stop-shop to redecorate your home in a holistic way.

Prices may vary due to the quality of paints, professional clean up, and moving time requirements. Prices are determined on an individual basis as part of the final quote.