Hi! I'm SherryAnn, An entrepreneur, mother of five and an unshakable believer in the deep power of colour therapy and how it can change your life.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a deeply spiritual person and have believed that we as humans, can truly get through anything that life brings to us. It is these lessons that often shape who we are, and what we do in life.

A few years ago, like many other families, I went through an incredibly difficult divorce. It was probably my lowest point, as a mother, and as a woman – and yet, it was also the pivotal situation that inspired me to learn about colour therapy and shift my life.

During the divorce, one of my sons was having serious and aggressive behavioral issues due to the impact the separation was having on him. I was receiving so many calls from principals, teachers, children’s aid – every entity you can think of. After many stressful months of trying to understand my son, and bring him to every doctor and specialist I could think of, we found ourselves sitting with an amazing pediatrician. This time, instead of offering prescriptions and drugs like everyone else, he said : “Have you tried colour therapy?”

In that moment, although he was there to assess my son, he also looked at me and suggested that I also apply Colour Therapy for myself, as he could tell that I needed to heal too. After doing various assessments and discovering what my son’s inner colour truly was, we were able to decipher which shades would help him to find calm and peace, so his behaviour could turn into the happy boy he used to be. This is what we did, I painted my son’s room in the tones we found for him and it changed him completely.

His room was his refuge, his safe space and his sanctuary. He loved being in this space and it calmed him and allowed him to sleep better at nights. He would also allow his siblings to come into his space and share laughs and happy times together. It was truly a huge shift in our family’s life and his whole behavioral issue was gone, just like that.

When it came to my own colour therapy healing, I was able to transform my room and this allowed me a space to forgive my past, forgive myself and start looking deeper within so I could figure out my passions and desires for the future. My new space and colours aligned me, and helped me to be a better parent, daughter and friend. I knew after living this dramatic shift, that colour therapy was not only real, it was my purpose.

I started researching Colour Therapy and enrolled in an incredible eye-opening course with experts in the UK. After graduating, I knew that I needed to share this knowledge with the world and start my own business.  Because of my previous corporate background, I first started working to help corporations set up their offices and commercial spaces in order to increase productivity, boost morale and grow sales through the beauty of colour.

But I knew that I needed to also help families through colour therapy – families going through similar things like my son and I. So I began to consult with families for their own personal homes. Over the years, I have had the privilege to create beautiful, warm spaces for people to heal past wounds, and live happier lives through the power of colour therapy.
I realised that I wanted to help people, from different walks of life, to feel what I went through with colour therapy, so they can come out victorious in the end.

If you are here for the first time, I suggest you begin by completing my Inner Colour Quiz. I will ask you a series of questions about your personality and your answers will help guide me to discovering what your Inner Colour truly is. It would be great to connect afterwards to discuss a bit more about how I can help you in your own home of business to bring more colour into your life.
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit, I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead.


With Gratitude,


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